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Oh no. You're the only member here so far. I hope that will change. I joined the Gourd Journal community and it was pretty dead too. Very disappointing. We've go to get more gourd fans on one place. Anyway, I love gourds so much. I'm more of a gourd gardener than an artist but that may change once I get a good harvest...or more accurate IF I get a good harvest. Last year I managed to raised two birdhouse gourds and one swan gourd. I think they are ready to be cleaned and used although my biggest and prettiest one doesn't rattle. I got some great seeds for dipper, apple, Martin, birdhouse, swan, mini bottle, bushel and snake gourds. My yard is small but I'm going to see what I can raise. Oh and Luffas too. I want to grow my own sponges. I think that's so neat. I love how fluffy and soft the leaves are. They aren't nasty and spikey like mean squash or pumpkins. They have such a velvety feel and I love the smell as well. So unique like that of baby budgies. Unless you've smelled one you can't really describe it. I'm very excited about this year's growing season.

I've also gotten two wonderful books on gourds. I just finished reading Gourds In Your Garden and have started on Making Gourd Musical Instruments. I hope that my first craft will be making some type of instrument. That would be so neat! Music is one of my other passions. Well I'll stop here for now.
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