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I didn't know gourds smelled

I took the gourd I grew last year and decided to clean it. I think it's ready. So I soaked it and that was very hard to do.

This is what we finally came up with. We put it in a criter cage. What you don't see is the top has a bird bowl with a plastic super cup full of heavy pennies to keep the lid and the gourd from flying out. I was scared it would go through the roof. An hour later I took it out and scrubbed it down with soap and water to get the mold and skin off of it. Check out how it turned out!

I love the color. Now I just don't know what to do with it. Originally I was going to make it into a canteen but now I don't know. I need to decide because that will determine the type of cut I make on it. I think the shell is thin so I probably can't use it for anything that requires durability. I don't know anymore. Well I did find out something after washing it. They smell like maple syrup. At least that's what my husband said it smelled like. I had described it as a cross between vanilla, cinnamon and pepper. Whatever it was it's made me light headed and hence the groggy emoticon. Oh wouldn't it be ironic if I was allergic to these darn things I love so much? I can't wait to seal it with wood sealer so it won't smell so gross anymore.
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